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More than worth reading: Thoughts about Michael Ende’s "Phantásia" by Martin Beyer.

Wednesday, 8. September 2010 - 15:00

An interesting discovery on the Internet, even though the essay is from 2009: The writer Marin Beyer has published an interesting essay about Michael Ende’s realm of imagination, called Phantásia is no trap. More than worth reading! Please read under:

"Die unendliche Geschichte" (The Neverending Story) is the most popular German book worldwide!

Wednesday, 8. September 2010 - 14:48

The Goethe Institut has commissioned a worldwide research study to find the most popular books in the German language. The result: "Die unendliche Geschichte" (The Neverending Story) gained a proud first place, while the fairytale novel "Momo" reached place 6. Those who want to know more about the rankings can find them on the following link:

Has Jim Button got a brother?

Saturday, 28. August 2010 - 9:03

In the Badische Zeitung from 28 August 2010, we find an interesting and beautifully illustrated article about the illustrator of "Jim Button": Franz Josef Tripp. He is the one we have to thank for Jim Button, Luke and all the other Lummerland characters not only forming a story but also showing us their expressive faces. Jan Peter Tripp, the son of the illustrator, who went his own way as an artist, sees himself as a brother of Jim Button. For the 50th birthday of the cult book he shows us his true colours. Please read in:

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