Flea Market of Dreams

Songs to Sing at Midnight and Quiet Ballads
Flea Market of Dreams
Flea Market of Dreams

About the book

Who doesn’t know those long nights, the small hours when only a few friends remain and with the last mouthful of wine all life stories run into one? Who doesn’t know those lonely nights when our daily routine appears more grey then usual? With his 50 songs to be sung at midnight and his quiet ballads, Michael Ende has created some colourful spots that spirit us away into wonderful worlds. They are everything but one: usual. Songs that are serious and cheerful, bitter and charming, mocking and naïve, all full of poetry – and companions for long nights.


  • Pages: 104
  • First published in: 1986
  • ISBN: 3492247989
  • Edition: Quality Paperback
  • Original publisher:
    Piper Verlag (Weitbrecht Verlag)
  • Translations: Japanese

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Other editions

  • Paperback:
    Trödelmarkt der Träume (Flea Market of Dreams)
    Serie Piper Volume 4798, 128 pages, music included, 2006.


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