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Jim Button's China

Monday, 14. February 2011 - 16:58

Who can still remember? In the first editions of Jim Button the country where Li Si was princess was still called China. In later editions the realm in the east was given a new name, a fantasy name. Ever since then it is called “Mandala”. Why did Michael Ende rename his China into Mandala? Whoever who would like to know more about it can read a one page report about the subject in the FAZ. See under:

Edgar Ende: The painter of mind worlds

Monday, 3. January 2011 - 19:16

Come and meet Michael Ende’s father and his art! The webpage invites you to discover these mysterious images. To find his images, Edgar Ende used to withdraw into a dark room where he waited until his consciousness lost control over his thinking and he fell into a condition that seemed free of intentions. The images that appeared before his inner eye he would quickly sketch onto a small sketchpad. To get the light he needed into his darkness, he used sticky tape to fasten a small torchlight onto his drawing pen.

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Edgar and Michael Ende. New special exhibition

Tuesday, 21. December 2010 - 11:06

The mirror in the mirror. New special exhibition in the Hällisch-Fränkisches Museum Schwäbisch Hall

„Der Spiegel im Spiegel“ – “The mirror in the mirror” is the title of a book by Michael Ende, which he dedicated to his father Edgar (1901-1965). In it, the son tries to express with words what his father had done by the means of a painter. A number of fantastic short stories came into being that remain just as ambiguous and mysterious as the pictures of the father.

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