The Spoilsport or: The Fools’ Inheritance

Commedia Infernale (revised and extended version of the play of the same title from 1967, with a preface by the author)
The Spoilsport or: The Fools’ Inheritance
The Spoilsport or: The Fools’ Inheritance

About the book

A mysterious benefactor will split his inheritance between strangers: The dreamer, the noble lady, the ex-officer, the handmaid and the blind poor grandmother – each of them gets only a fraction of the will. But to receive their inheritance they have to put all their fragments together. This sets off a string of cabals, which will end in an apocalyptic nightmare. As more as the heirs fight, play tricks on each other and hatch plots, as more the reality around them changes. The castle, the butler, all seems to be an organic entity, with the spirit of the decease still living in the midst of it. And where the spirit sees lies, deceit and intrigues he reacts with decay and darkness ...


  • Pages: 208
  • First published in: 1989
  • ISBN: 352270200X
  • Edition: Quality Paperback
  • Original publisher: Weitbrecht Verlag
  • Translations:
    Danish, Japanese

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