Lenchen’s Secret

Lenchen’s Secret
Lenchen’s Secret

About the book

What is there to do, when parents cause trouble? Lenchen believes she has found the solution. She visits the fairy Franziska Questionmark and asks her to simply cast a spell over her parents: From now on they can only do what Lenchen wants them to. In the beginning that is really great. But then suddenly there comes the moment when Lenchen wants to turn the spell back...


  • Pages: 64
  • First published in: 1991
  • ISBN: 3522166906
  • Illustrations: Jindra Capek
  • Original publisher: Thienemann Verlag
  • Translations:
    Chinese, Danish, French, Italian, Japanese, Catalan, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish

Press Reviews

A charming, well written children’s book.
Süddeutsche Zeitung

Radio Play

  • Lenchens Geheimnis: Original-Hörspiel zum Buch von Michael Ende
    (Lenchen’s Secret: Original Radio Play after the Book by Michael Ende)

    Treated and directed by Hans-Joachim Herwald. Speaker: Wolff Frass, Laura Katzer, Thomas Kröger. 1 CD app. 43 minutes, Karussell 1999. Currently not available.

For schools

  • Lenchens Geheimnis (Lenchen’s Secret)
    Easy Readers, revised and edited by Stefan Freund, Klett Verlag 1995 and 1999.(Paperback)