Never Mind

Never Mind

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"Never mind”, says the big child that our hero finds one beautiful evening on his seat in the inn. “Never mind”, the child says in a patronising tone, when he points out that after all, he had bought the paper, the beer and the supper for himself. “Never mind”, remains the child’s stoic statement, after having kicked in the hero’s front door, having destroyed his fish tank and wiped up the floor with his clothing. And in the end, when the child sets the house on fire and our hero has to jump from the roof, almost breaking all his bones, the child remarks wisely: “You guessed it!”


  • First published in: 1994
  • Theatre rights:
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    Poppenbütteler Chaussee 53
    22397 Hamburg
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    Contact person for performance permits: Juliane Lachenmayer
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