The Ballad of Norbert Fatnoggin

or: The Naked Rhinoceros
The Ballad of Norbert Fatnoggin
or: The Naked Rhinoceros

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Norbert Fatnoggin is unbearable. With his terrible mistrust, he tyrannises all other animals in Africa. Where ever someone just wants to have some fun Norbert suspects treason and conspiracy. What can be done? The other animals have no idea – only Karlchen Klammerzeh, the oxpecker, has one. But can it be that the solution is to build the arrogant rhinoceros a memorial after all he has done?
Norbert Nackendick (Norbert Fatnoggin), Der Lindwurm und der Schmetterling (The Lindworm and the Butterfly), Filemon Foldrich and Tranquilla Trampeltrue were all set to music by composer Wilfried Hiller as “Vier musikalische Fabeln” (Four Musical Fables). The libretti were written by Michael Ende.


  • First published in: 1984
  • Theatre rights:
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Puppet theatre:
Rheinisches Marionettentheater Zangerle, 23 September 1982. Music by W. Hiller based on a libretto by Michael Ende. Director: Anton Bachleitner.


  • Radio Play:
    Die Ballade von Norbert Nackendick oder Das nackte Nashorn
    (The Ballad of Norbert Fatnoggin or the Naked Rhinoceros)

    With music by Wilfried Hiller, Josef Manoth, Hanno Blaschke. Universal 2001. Currently not available.